Who is Camille Tyler

Social Media Strategist | Brand Producer | NANNA
I am YOUR Rockstar Producer  I Show Women How Create their “Rockstar” Brands so That Everyone Knows Your Name #rockyobiz #Rockyobrand

“My Story”

Started my online marketing back in 2015. I Joined a MLM weight loss company and start throwing product post ALL links all over Social Media.

So What were my Results? I bet You can guess. Not good. Not good.

I started throwing money at the problem. I spent thousands of dollars buying websites, logos and courses. I spent millions minutes posting on Instagram and Facebook with NO Results 😫😫 until…..

I learned How to way to stand out from the thousands of other reps who sell the same exact products and/or services by devolving My Brand . When I learned how important Personnel Branding was.

I started serving my audience real value and soon I was flooded with hundreds of leads and sales. 😎😎

Imagine waking up to an inbox full of people requesting more information about your business.

What will a Rockstar Brand Do for You?

Rockstar Brands
  • Organize their business based on this promise.
  • Communicate your promise.
  • Define how they want to be perceived.
  • Attract and retain loyal raving customers
  • Build & Monetize Your Personal Brand around their name.
  • Create a Personal brand strategy
  • Understand how to Launch their Personal Brand
  • Create a Consistent flow of Valuable Content That people will Love

What do I teach?

         I Teach Three Branding Strategies That Producers use to Produce Rockstars
Every Singe Day to “Rock Their Brand” so that Everyone Know Their Name

Step One: Your Brand Identity

  • Attract the Perfect Buyer to them, by Rocking their Personal Brand.
  • Develop that Rockstar Personal Brand, so everyone know your Name

Step Two: Your Branded Content

  • Create Content Yourself as the Expert and become that Authority in your niche.
  • Starting Producing Content that Your Target Market Wants, Loves and is Dyeing to Share with the world.
  • Content Distribution creating and content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience of Raving Fans.

Step Three: Brand Production

  • Develop Your Perfect Look and Feel to Your Brand, so Your Ideal Prospect will become Your Front Row FAN 😎
  • Develop Your “Unique” Sound
  • Develop Your “Branded Product”

I know That YOU have the BEST Product & Service on the Plant today, The Real Problem is the People don’t even know you Name  — Camille Tyler

 So Are You ready To Build That “Rockstar” Brand so That Everyone Knows Their Name    #rockyobiz

“Your Rockstar Brand” Starts Here

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I’m accepting new clients through the rest of the year. Please drop me a line and we’ll get started with your next project!

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