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How to Write Your Brand That tells a Story – Style Guide

A style guide is a living document that can and should be updated. How often? Part of me wants to tell you to constantly update and revise it.

You want your audience to connect with You. People want know your brand. It’s very difficult for someone to connect to a character who they’re introduced to, witness a brief challenge, and then never see again.

The Value of Your Brand Story

But when it comes to storytelling, just because you create content doesn’t mean you’re effectively telling your story. Unfortunately, many brands are trapped in the quantity over quality mindset, forsaking compelling storytelling for product-centric content that doesn’t really connect.

Your story’s hero can struggle with but ultimately overcome. The important thing is for these challenges to be part of a continuing saga – not a one-off.

Telling your brand story is crucial for marketing, but it can also improve your bottom line. You must be consistent, and showing them what you care about.

This is the best way to grab and maintain their attention. Find out everything you need to know about building a compelling brand story:

Keys to a Great Brand Story

  • It’s meaningful
  • It’s personal
  • It’s emotional
  • It’s authentic
  • It’s shows what’s on the inside

In Conclusion You can Write Your Brand That tells a Story – Style Guide

You might want to try and model your brand personality on your target audience and who they trust. The important thing is to stand out and be recognizable.

It’s important that you are able to grab people’s attention so that they can get invested in your story. One important ingredient in getting their attention is to know your audience.

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How To Spice Up Your Brand

You might be asking yourself, Why is my branding and marketing strategy so important? Using the same concepts and ideas time and time again will leave you with an obsolete branding marketing plan. Adding life to your branding and marketing strategy and reevaluating it on a regular basis will help you stand out from competitors. So let’s drive in to see how to spice up your brand.

Keep Up With Trends

Find out what people are searching in your industry. Consider using search engine optimization (SEO) to find search patterns and keywords. Utilizing SEO information can improve website traffic and rankings.

Utilize Social Media to Spice up your Brand

You probably know about the huge role social media plays in marketing—it’s everywhere. And, it’s not something you can ignore.

  • Be consistent platforms that represent your business as a whole.
  • Be  sure you update information on your accounts on a regular basis.
  • Be sure information like your hours, pictures, and address are accurate. 
  • Be sure you create posts that are engaging by posing questions to customers, uploading images of your product or service, and linking to your engaging by posing questions.

Prioritize Customers

Without loyal customers, your business does not exist. According to one source, 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. Retaining customers is just as important, if not more, than attracting them. Your marketing strategy should prioritize customers.

Spice up your marketing strategy by making customers your number one priority. Set yourself apart from your competitors by how you treat your customers. What makes you different?

Have Fun With Your Brand

marketing strategythat feels forced and artificial, and is going to be more attracted to a brand that is genuine, vibrant, and fun. So how can you infuse your personal brand with fun?