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How to Use StreamYard to Expose Your Brand

StreamYard is an inexpensive browser-based platform that allows live or recorded streaming through users’ existing social media platforms. In other words, a person can take advantage of StreamYard. So how to use SteamYard to expose You Brand?

You can now schedule your streams in advance! This allows you to promote your Live streams before you go live. It allows You to uses Facebook page, Facebook Group, Facebook profile, LinkedIn page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel to the same time.

Why Live Video Is Your Next Big Win

  • Live video commands the attention of the business world.
  • Video content has proven itself to be some of the most compelling content on the Internet.
  • Live streaming taps into a uniquely human affinity for sharing and storytelling.
  • The combination of live video and social media access spurred an eruption of public interest over the past year
  • Your posts and ads won’t get lost in a sea of status updates. Streaming brings customers straight to you instead.

Use StreamYard to Expose Your Brand

Live video is video that a user broadcasts live to an audience of real people engaging in the same exact space.

The hook is that, instead of it being like TV or similar broadcasted video platforms, this iteration of live video goes through social media.

  • StreamYard allows users to add a destination to up to six different platforms to expose your brand
  • StreamYard virtual studio is equipped with settings that allow users to control live broadcast in various ways.
  • The setting allows a user to share screen when presenting in its entirety, or an application window or a specific tab.
  • Allows a host to customize the look of the display screen. The host can change the color, theme, logo, and background to conform to their brand. However, this feature is for those that subscribed to the premium version of the StreamYard.
  • Comments: The comment function allows “Live viewer comments to show up on StreamYard
  • Record Only: Shows that it is not a live broadcast.

Let’s Wrap it UP

Video software to live stream videos are so important to gain exposer into Your business. StreamYard is a web-based live streaming studio in the cloud with the capability to invite remote guests, share computer screens and much more. StreamYard enables video streaming directly to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and LinkedIn Live.

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