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One Thing You Need To Know Before You Next Social Media Add

Are You Looking at your social media advertising in 2021? Would you to lower or eliminate it all together? Great, I am going to explain One Thing You Need To Know Before You Next Social Media Add.

With almost 50 percent of the world using social media, How much does social media advertising cost in 2021, though?

People Hate Millennials, in particular, have a distrust of advertising. 84% of millennials trust neither the advertisements nor the brands that create them.

Yet, they are prepared to believe people they feel they “know”– even the business people behind the brands they detest so much.

Before You Next Social Media Add, start creating a Strong Personal Brand.

The benefits of building a good Personal Brand.

  • You will considered influential.
  • Your personal brand helps you stand out from everybody else.
  • You can use your personal brand to demonstrate your knowledge and skills about your areas of expertise.
  • You build a reputation as somebody who cares about the types of people that make up your potential and existing clients.

You want your personal branding to be consistent. At all times you want to stay true to your brand.

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. – Branding pioneer Walter Landor.

Your personal brand refers to how you promote yourself. It is the expertise, experience and personality that you want everyone else to see about you.

It can be a combination of how the media depicts you, the idea people get from the information they find about you online and how they perceive you in real life.

You can use your personal branding to set yourself apart from others.

I’m Camille , I  a Rockstar Branding Producer with 4 Years of experience. I help Women crush their goals, by turning their Passion into Profits by developing that Rockstar Brand so that everyone know their Name.  😎

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Brand Awareness Personal Branding

Secrets to Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Are You sick and tired of hearing “I can get it cheaper? Are you frustrated then talking to a prospect and they say “No Thanks I have a coach already?

Well What Is Your Competitive Advantage? 

A Competitive advantage refers to the factors or attributes that allow a given company to produce more affordable or higher quality services or products than its competitors. Super because you are in the right place. In this article I am going help you gain a competitive advantage the marketplace even if you are new.

Your Competitive Advantage Starts with You

You are Your competitive Advantage. Hold on and listen my friend. The fastest way to stand out in the Marketplace Creating a personal brand can be a daunting, mythical task. And one of the easiest ways to get lost in the process is to not know where to start.

Even Oprah Winfrey began by going through several style iterations on a small local show before defining her voice into one of the most influential personal brands in the world.

In both our look-at-me cultural shift and evolving job market, it’s both helpful and necessary to stand out when applying for a job or starting your own company. A personal brand is for everyone. Ready?

Here are My golden rules for creating an engaging, unique, and inviting personal brand.

Secret 1: Your Competitive Advantage Has to Focus on Your Personal Brand

Are You flipping and flopping around like a fish out of water? Are You one of those people that says “Camille, I don’t need be become a personal brand.” Ok my friend, If You don’t step up to the Mic and deliver a focused clear personal brand you a dead in the water.

You Must Have a Clear Focus. Do you like the results that come up on the first two pages of search results? The first rule of thumb when you consciously start to build your personal brand is: you have to know what you want to be known for.

So many people are unfocused when it comes to who they serve and , trying to be “everything to everyone.”

You MUST Decide what your key message is and stick to it. Keep your message and content consistent to one niche topic to become memorable within a targeted community

How You Can Kill the Competition

  • Understand your customers.
  • Define your brand persona.
  • Crystalize your brand promise
  • Refine customer experience.
  • Amplify it Up your personal brand.

Secret 2: To Gaining a Competitive Advantage

You Must Have an Original Personal Brand that is Genuine and Authentic.

In Today’s World, You Must must have Today authenticity and credibility. Gone are the days where credibility wears a suit and tie.

As a personal brand, authenticity is one of your biggest assets and strongest differentiating factors.

Every single day, You have to show up as your best-self, show up to help people, be unapologetically yourself, let your love for people, and what you do, shine through in every interaction you have. Start building your authentic personal brand one person at a time.

How to Have a Original Personal Brand That is Genuine and Authentic

  • Be transparent about your path to success.
  • Be vulnerable about the struggle and hardship.
  • Be unapologetically yourself.
  • Be ready to fail.
  • Be Creative and a positive impact.

Secret 3: To Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Create a Story Around Your Brand that Your Audience Can Engage With.

Are You Struggling With Your Digital Marketing? You’re making progress, but not at the level you are committed to. You’re learning by trial and error.

If you’re a creator, then this a problem. And you would want to know why.  

So Rockstar, strategies and tactics are great.

But at the end of the day, you’ve got to show up as who you actually are because the reason why you’re feeling burnt out is you’re either trying to be something that you’re not, or you’re trying to be this version of you that isn’t actually you.

How to Excite Your Audience into Raving Fans

  • Have a message that maybe goes against the norm. 
  • Talk to people like they’re human
  • Act online as you do in real life. 
  • Show the real you.
  • Tell your story


Secret 4: To Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Consistently Create Content and a Brand Voice Around it.

Want to know what big companies know? They recently began paying more attention to their corporate tone of voice.

In branding work, people often think about how a brand looks visually, from fonts to colors to design styles. What is sometimes overlooked is brand voice.

When building your brand on social media your voice need to be heard. When looking to Your marketing efforts, Your brand voice has become more important than ever as a way to stand out from the crowd of digital chatter.

Your Brand voice must be distinct your personality. Your personal brand needs to take brand on in its communications.

Imagine you went to a dinner party and you’re chatting with all the guests. 

How to Brand Your Voice so You don’t Sound Like Everyone

  • Document everything & be consistent
  • Audit your current voice
  • Identify your audience and personas
  • Know your tone
  • Be compelling and direct

Brand voice is what you say and brand tone is how you say it

Secret 5: To Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Create a Positive Impact with Your Brand.

So many people make building a personal brand difficult on them self. When they try to separate their brand from your personal life. Start living Your personal brand.

Become a content creator. Star creating consistent articles, blog posts, or social media posts about your industry.  

Some ideas would include recognition of trends, new ways of thinking, a modern twist on the way things are done, information that would help others, and more.  

You need to provide actual value and authentic. These are not sales pitches, but a unique commentary on things affecting your business (and your customer’s lives).  

This positions you as an expert and helps establish trust with customers (and potential customers).

How to Create a Positive Impact with Your Brand.

  • Be A Strong Communicator
  • Customize Your Approach
  • Develop Listening Skills
  • Be Positive
  • Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

In Conclusion How to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Leave a legacy, Once you’ve built your personal brand with a reputation and community behind it, the next step is to think about the legacy that you’ll leave behind.

What are the keywords and actions that you want to be known for?

Creating the right personal brand will not only help you be known in your field and consistently land work but it could be the difference between “Who are you?” and “Thank you for being here” in your career

I’m Camille , I  a Rockstar Branding Producer with 4 Years of experience. I help Women crush their goals, by turning their Passion into Profits by developing that Rockstar Brand so that everyone know their Name.  😎

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Personal Branding

6 Steps to Build a STRONG Personal Brand Identity in 2021

So are you wondering how to expand your Brand in 2021?Building a personal brand has always been important. Many leaders will go to their grave proclaiming they know their business identity, but the truth is, their marketing efforts just aren’t paying off the way they should. And there’s no shame in that.

Sometimes, when you’re too close to your business, it’s difficult to know the way it is perceived from the outside. Today I am going to give you 6 steps to build a strong personal brand in 2021.

Lets get down to the nitty and gritty.

Step 1: Conduct a Thorough Brand Audit to Build a STRONG Personal Brand Identity in 2021

You must look at what is most important for driving growth and analyze how the product or service is actually viewed by consumers. 

Step 2: Establish Your Unique Value Proposition to Build a STRONG Personal Brand Identity

You must first identify its core philosophies, such as its mission statement and values. Here are several ways to arrive at these strategy cornerstones.

  • User Experience (i.e. your website)
  • SEO & Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising (PPC)

Step 3: Develop Your Brand’s Creative Elements

To Build a STRONG Personal Brand Identity You have create the look, feel, and voice of the brand that will be carried through all marketing channels – from the website, to social media, advertisements, and packaging. “A brand’s visual vocabulary will be reflected in your colors, fonts, logo and overall style,” says Raquel Baldelomar.

Step 4: Strengthen your Facebook Network Build a STRONG Personal Brand Identity

Get Exposed with Facebook “Fan Page” and Connect it to You Instagran Business Account

  • Create strong some group to spark more connections and conversations around your product and brand. Your customers can also choose to get updates from you this way. Check out my 4 ways to grow you Facebook group here.
  • Discover the purpose behind your brand

Step 5: Analyze and Refine the Brand Identity

Start by focusing on brand clarity is one every business should embrace.

Knowing your strengths, having a finely honed brand statement, and understanding your target audiences acts as a roadmap, no matter how young or old your business. these pillars help define your business’s identity, they also provide and help to establish company culture.

Let’s Wrap it up so you can Build a STRONG Personal Brand Identity in 2021

Your personal brand must establish an intrinsic value to the consumer, it does not mean it shouldn’t change over time. To remain competitive, companies must routinely analyze and refine their brand to ensure it’s delivering on the promises of what the company stands for.

Get Your brand Rock’in Here Rockstar Brand Play List

I am Your Rockstar Producer.  I Produce 😎 Rockstar Daily. I teach Women with passion to turn that Passion into Profits byDevolving  a Rockstar brand so that every knows their Name.

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How to Shine Online In No Time : Personal Branding

We all know how important a brand is to business. Personal branding is Key. Are you saying ok Camille I got it. I got the message. Fabulous in this article I am going to show you how to shine online in no time. Are you ready to shine?

Online is here to stay. The future may be ‘hybrid’, but expectations of how we speak and present online will continue to rise; expectations of speakers to be engaging, relevant and memorable. We need to make time to shine online with the three communication essentials of Confidence, Connection and a message that drives Change.

To Shine Online In No Time You have to Show Your Confidence

Show your confidence

  • Keep calm
  • Set your scene
  • A genuine smile
  • An open and stable posture that is relaxed and assured
  • Dial down movement. On the small screen, big gestures that work in a large venue can overwhelm or fall off screen
  • Steady eye contact and the correct positioning of your camera lens at just above eye level will show you as open and sincere… with no double chins!

Change Your Message. To Shine Online In No Time You have to Show Your Message

Change Your Message

  • Think how you want people to think, feel or act afterwards. 
  • Break up your presentation into small ‘chunks’ of around five minutes each and top and tail each chunk with what you’ll cover and a keyword to sum it up.
  • Send Voice messages through Messenger.
  • Check your favorite search engine to make sure your message fits the bill.
  • Ensure that your message is tailored to that ideal audience.

In Conclusion

To Shine Online In No Time is all about you Personal Branding. In 1998 Tom Peters And “The Brand Called You” You have to devole your Personal Brand.

“Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You…”

Tom Peters And “The Brand Called You”

Effective communication is more important than ever. At the moment, we need to talk and present convincingly online. 

I Develop a Unique 😎 Rockstar Brand? Why You may ask, It’s in Your Blood Baby”Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”Your product leaves an impression on your customers long after you’ve made the sale. Brand identity is the process of shaping that impression.

Later Rockstar 😎Xo. Camille

Ps. You totally rock. #RockYoBiz  #Rockyobrand
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