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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Personal Brand

You know you need to be on social media. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn right? Are You struggling on what to do to have omnipresent status? I hear you my friend. So how do you start? Hey, everyone, I’m Camille, and today I’m gonna share with you how to get started with a social media strategy for your personal brand. even if your a beginner.

Ok Rockstar, what is a social media strategy?

“Social media marketing is the process of creating tailored content for each social media platform to drive engagement and promote your business.”

Social media marketing is all about connecting with your audience or customers and helping them understand your brand better. It is incredibly beneficial to your business growth. Think about first time with an intention to build a good relationship with a real person.

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Step #1 Fully Update Your Social Media Accounts

  • Make sure you’re using the right size images. “Look Professional and Beautiful”.
  • Use Your Personal Brand “Tag Line” everywhere.
  • Check all clickable links (make sure they work.)
  • Your brand logo or image should be consistent across all networks.
  • Decide which social media account(s) you are going to focus on.
  • Have one CTA to send people to. example: Join my community, Like my Facebook page. Clink here to join my exclusive news letter. ect.
  • Use your branded #hashtag everywhere.

Step #2 How to Identify Your Personal Brands Area of Expertise Even if your Brand New

  • Start creating content on your chosen topic of expertise, the more your followers will start to think of you as a leader in your chosen field. Yes, you’re like hey I have no friends, I have no following. It doesn’t matter no one’s gonna follow if you don’t have any content.
  • Post across different social networks.
  • Find a subject have you amassed a vast amount of knowledge that exceeds that of the average person.
  • What can easily write about or teach others to do.
  • Use the Learn, Apply and Teach Method

Step #3 Social Media Marketing Strategy – Share Content On a Regular Basis

  • Consistent content establishes authority and credibility.
  • Build your brand awareness with your logo and design.
  • Create valuable content and engages the audience.
  • Share Content On a Regular Basis generates leads
  • Consistency improves website traffic and SEO.
  • Share your content will keep Your Brand Voice, Image & Tone Consistent and own your buyers mind.

Step #4 Social Media Marketing Strategy – Develop Your Personal Brand by Importing Your Contacts

  • There may be tens, or even hundreds, of people with whom you haven’t yet connected with. Import your email contacts from Gmail or Outlook, or contacts from your phonebook, into your social networks to find out how many connections you’re missing. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter all allow for a free import of a certain number of contacts.
  • Importing will continue to be one of the most successful methods for brands to connect with their audiences
  • It’s all about the Invitation.

Step #5 Key to Powerful Social Media Strategy Content with People in Groups

  • Facebook and LinkedIn both offer thousands of opportunities to join groups focused on specific industries or topics
  • Be the problem solver
  • Use Your Facebook Page to Connect with other.
  • Use Hashtag’s on Twitter to connect with your ideal customer

In Conclusion

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Personal Brand on social media isn’t easy. It requires a lot of thought and research to do successfully.

How to Rock Your Personal Brand

It is not about what you look like or where you live, it’s about what you stand for and what people should expect when they see you’ve posted a new piece of content. Think long-term and remember to take note of what’s working and not working and adjust as necessary.

Personal branding is all about developing your personality online. So customize, customize, customize.

Give your followers really want—your insight, guidance and opinions.

“Check your ego at the door. The ego can be the great success inhibitor. It can kill opportunities, and it can kill success.” – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I’m Camille , I  a Rockstar Branding Producer with 4 Years of experience. I help female entrepreneurs crush their goals, by turning their Name straightened out, so you can take back your time, make more money, and feel great doing it. Looking for 1-on-1 Branding Breakthrough in business?
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Social Media Marketing

How to Use Facebook & Instagram for a Bigger Impact

Do you want a bigger audience? Are you looking for ways to bring attention to your business on Facebook & Instagram for Free? In this article I’ll explain, How to Use Facebook & Instagram for a Bigger Impact.

Start with a Power Connection

Connect Your Instagram business page to your Facebook business page. Since Facebook has a user base of well over one billion and Instagram with nearly 900 million users, it’s not hard to believe that these platforms have hundreds of millions of active users each day.

These massive amounts of daily users give businesses the chance to increase their visibility through the company’s Facebook and Instagram posts, or advertisements on either platform

Integrated Messaging Platforms

The Facebook Business Suite is a single dashboard for your linked Facebook and Instagram accounts that allows you to post, message, advertise, and view insights all in one place.

If you want to schedule posts that will go out to both your Facebook and Instagram followers at the same time, now you can.

Integrated Platforms Breeds Larger Engagement

When it comes to user engagement with social media content, Instagram wins hands down.

Instagram only allows short videos and pictures; because of this, users tend to view more than they would on Facebook.

Instagram makes it easy for their users to see more than other users would on an alternative social media application because they are a strictly visual platform.

Facebook is a great site for posting curated content, but because users seem to prefer authentic, original content, Instagram outperforms Facebook when it comes to engagement.

Integrated Platforms increases Distributing Information

Facebook gives users the freedom to do so. Other than adding a link to your bio on Instagram, the application is limited to the sharing of images. Facebook not only enables their users to create and organize events, it also gives individuals the chance to have a more in-depth bio including personal, as well as company information added to their profile.

Finial thoughts

We’ve shown how the relationship between Facebook and Instagram is quite similar but the audience each platform uses varies based on the demographic. Therefore, it is important to know your audience in its fullest before choosing between using Facebook and Instagram.

Later Rockstar

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