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Why are My Facebook Lives Getting Low Reach?

So are you Wondering Why Your Facebook Live Videos getting a lower reach? Are you saying, “Facebook sucks” Facebook has it in on Me. 😩

Hold Your britches Sister, here is the low down why your Facebook Live are getting little to NO REACH & How You can fix it fast. Sound good?

It’s all about Location

Have you hear it’s all about your location location location? We have to remember that when looking at your Stats. Since Facebook is a FREE Tool let’s play by the rules. Here is Facebook preferred placement for FB Lives.

  • FB Groups
  • FB Business Pages
  • Facebook Live are not liked on your Facebook time line profile.

Let Your Peeps Know in advance.

Facebook Live is a great way to engage your Facebook followers and beat the News Feed algorithm. Broadcast live videos using only your smartphone. Here are some thoughts when looking at you Facebook live video length.

  • Plan your broadcast. Same time same place.
  • Notify follower in advance
  • Let people know about your live stream in advance with teaser posts on Facebook and other networks.

Check your Internet Connection and Equipment

  • External microphones, especially for interviews. If you’re alone, you can use the built-in microphone on your earbuds.
  • A tripod to ensure a steady shot. If you don’t have one, you can simply prop your device up against some books or a wall.

Tag your location

  • Leverage the tag options for your Facebook Live video to increase your chances being discovered by new viewers and building engagement.
  • When you tag your location, you personalize your post by letting audiences know where you are and what you’re up to. 

Check Your Length

  • Make your Video a little longer 9 to 12 minutes
  • When interviewing another person 15 to 30 minutes is key.

Engage with your audience

  • Engagement is key on Facebook Live video.
  • Ask them what they liked best. (Ask them comments)
  • Encourage engagement, try pinning a comment that asks viewers a question relevant to your video content. Just write your comment, post it, then tap it and tap Pin this Comment.

Reuse Your Work

  • Your live video remains visible on Facebook after it ends.
  • Post them to other social networks. 
  • Encourage fans to follow you on Facebook or sign up for Live video notifications 

In Conclusion

Live videos appear in viewers’ newsfeeds the you Live broadcast in a group they belong it. Post LIVE Videos on Your Business Page or Group. If you received Value from this Post leave a comment please.

Later Rockstar 😎 Xo. Camille

Ps. You totally rock. #RockYoBiz  #Rockyobrand

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