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4 Easy Steps to Grow Your Facebook Group

Are to struggling to built your Facebook group? Do you feel like you group needs CPR? Facebook have been steadily reducing organic reach. Yet by using Facebooks Group you can market to those people on a regular basis without having to pay and have a bigger exposer to your brand. Sound good? In this article I am going to give you 4 Easy Steps to grow your Facebook Group.

First thing’s first. If you’re going to start putting time and effort into your Facebook group — you have to be sure you’re in it for the right reasons.

Since Facebook changed its algorithm back in January 2018, the newsfeed has prioritized “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions”— including posts from Facebook Groups for business.

Step #1 – Invite People Off Platform to Grow Your Facebook Group

  • Plant a link to Lure loads of the right people to your Facebook group.
  • Put your Facebook group link in your email signature.
  • Direct message Your Instagram follows to join your Facebook group.
  • Email your list and give them a reason to join you Facebook group.
  • Personal Invite them when attending Live events meet people and invite them.
  • Add a personal link from your Facebook Timeline.

Step #2 – Get People On Facebook to Join Your Facebook Group

  • Who is the Group for? When you can clearly communicate how your group can benefit others, you’ll easily attract new members.
  • Cross-Promote Your Group/Page Brand
  • Publicly Available: Anyone can join
  • Make Your Group/Page Look Great
  • Send a Personalized invitations
  • Keep Your Group Active

All you need is a little bit of activity each week to keep people thinking about your group. Maybe the members will even contribute something to the group themselves! 

Step #3 – Make Your Followers Feel Like a Rockstar to Join Your Facebook Group

  • Focus on relationships 
  • Welcome New Members
  • Recognize Top Contributors.
  • Hoist Networking parties
  • Run contest
  • Be genuine and honest
  • Create a Group Hashtag that bring the group together.
  • Group chat with your group members.

Step #4 – Join Other Like Minded Groups to Find the Perfect Person to Join Your Facebook Group

Birds of a feather flock other, right?

  • Go to one of the pages or groups you like the most
  • Go to meetup groups related to your interests
  • Search for social events and communities
  • Interact with your posts or respond to your comments
  • Google search and hashtags to search

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